Key Features

Attract clients with a full MLS property search.

Our MLS property search allow any visitor quickly to find their perfect property. Visitors can search by location, price range, property features, MLS ID, and even view all properties for sale on an interactive map! Learn more

Follow up with clients using lead generation tools.

Generating sales leads is incredibly easy by allowing your visitors to create an account on your website, save searches and properties, and request showings and CMAs. You’ll also be able to monitor every visitor’s activity and easily follow up. Learn more

Publish your listings on the top real estate websites.

One of the best features of our IDX solution is that it automatically shares your listings with Trulia, Zillow, and many more popular real estate destinations online. You get free exposure to millions of potential buyers! Simply decide which properties you want shared and we’ll take care of the rest. Learn more

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All MLS data is automatically updated every 24 hours.

All property data listed on your website, including property details, prices, photos, will be automatically updated every 24 hours or less. If you need to make a change to your listings – simply edit your MLS info and we’ll take care of the rest... Learn more

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MLS Property Search

Basic Search

The basic property search allows you to search based on location, price range, number of beds/baths, square feet, and days on the market. This is the perfect option for new visitors who have a general idea of what they are looking for.

Advanced Search

The advanced search allows users to be very specific and is perfect for those who know exactly what they want. Advanced searches can also include various property features including village, school district, framing style, lot features, and many more.

Basic Search

Address Search

The address search allows visitors to find all listings at a specific address. This option is perfect for users who already have a particular property in mind and is ideal for condos and popular areas.

Map Search

The map search displays properties for sale on an interactive map. Visitors can easily move around the map, zoom in/out to focus their search, see quick summaries of property details, and click on map icons to view full MLS listings.

MLS ID Search

The MLS ID search allows visitors find a particular listing using its MLS ID number.

Mapped Results

Every search results page can include a Google Map displaying only the results of that search. This is a great way for users to get a better idea of where various properties are located so they can narrow their search even more.

Automatic Email Updates

Visitors can conduct searches and easily opt-in to receive email updates. When a new property matching their search criteria enters the MLS, they are automatically send an email with the details. Subscribers can easily change their email preferences on your website and unsubscribe if they wish.

Google Maps
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Your Listing on Top Real Estate Sites

All of your lisintg can be automatically published on:

Real Estate Sites

Automatic Submission

You never have to worry about manually submitting each individual listing and sharing your listings will always be 100% FREE. If any of your listing details change (eg. price decrease), your listing info will be automatically updated on every website without you having to do a thing.

You Choose Which Listings

Every listing that gets shared online requires you to denote it as a “featured listing”. This can be done very quickly in your control panel. This option exists in case there are some listings (eg. fixer uppers) that you don’t want associate with your “online brand”. You always have full control over your listings.

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Visitor Features

Property Search

Save Properties & Searches

Visitors can quickly save their favorite properties and searches with the click of a button. Saving properties and searches make it easy to share properties with others and continue searching later on.

Request Showings & CMAs

Visitors can easily request a showing right on every property’s details page. They can use a calendar tool to choose a date, a drop down menu to select a time, and you’ll be notified immediately. This is a fantastic way to meet new clients who might have been hesitant to contact you over the phone.

Visitors interested in selling their home can easily request a CMA from you right on your website. They will be able to fill out a quick form and you get notified as soon as they click “submit”. Again, this is something they might not have done if they had to pick up the phone.

Create Their Own Account

Visitors can quickly create a free account for your website that they can use to save properties and searches, and view their past activity. You are notified as soon as anyone signs up and get access to their full name, contact info, and what properties and searches they conducted while on your site.

Monitor Your Leads & Traffic

Our control panel makes it easy for you to monitor everything that’s going on with your visitors and followup with them immediately.

Page Views & Searches

You can easily monitor your website statistics each day using simple charts and graphs. You can instantly see how many page views and property searches were done on your site while getting a better idea of how effective your website really is.

Notification of New Leads

You get an email as soon as a new lead has signed up for your website, requested a showing, or sent you a message using your contact form. This works great when you are in the field (with a mobile phone) where it’s much easier to check email than log into your control panel.

Newest Leads

Your newest leads are displayed for you right on your dashboard (homepage of your control panel). You can check this page everyday and followup with leads immediately. You don’t have to worry about digging through a list of names just to find a few new ones.

Automatically Export Leads

Your IDX account can quickly be setup to automatically export new leads to Top Producer. If you work with another CRM (customer relationship management) program, you can always export your leads to a .csv file which can be imported by most CRM applications. If you don’t want to continue using our IDX solution – you can always take your leads with you.

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Free Mobile App

Easy to Use for Everyone

Every client can download and install your app in seconds right from their iPhone. After entering your unique 4 digit PIN, users are brought to a map screen that already has nearby properties presented. Everything is incredibly simple and works with the tap of a finger.

Users can simply drag their finger to move around the map and tap their finger to select properties. They also have the option of zooming in/out as well as viewing all properties on a list instead of a map. Users don’t even have to supply their contact info or create an account to use your app.

Completely FREE for You & Your Clients

Your iPhone app is absolutely free for both you and your clients. You get your own individual app in Apple’s App Store that is free for anyone to download as many times as they wish. Using the app is completely free for everyone and will stay that way.

All MLS Data Accessible

Users of your mobile application have access to all the same MLS data that’s on your website. Right from their iPhone they can view agent descriptions, property details, photo galleries, and more.

Free Mobile App

Always Shows Your Contact Info

Your name, company logo, and contact info are displayed right at the top of every page. Your contact info remains in place the entire time clients use the app to search for properties. Clients can even call you or send you an email right from the application!

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SEO Friendly

Outstanding Content

Search engines consider many factors when ranking a website, but two of the most important are relavent and frequently updated content. The more content your website has that fits with its audience (eg. property listings on a real estate site) and the more frequently content is updated (eg. posting to your blog every day instead of every week) make the site rank higher.

MLS property search is an excellent way to increase search engine rankings because new property listings (which are published everyday) are both relavent and frequent. MLS listings on your website gives you a huge search engine advantage over another real estate website that lacks them.

Property search is a popular feature and can attract other websites to link to yours. The more websites that link to yours – the more your search engine rank will increase.

Custom Titles & Descriptions

You can easily customize the title and description (meta) tags of every page in order to rank highly in the search engines. While customizing the titles and descriptions for every page isn’t necessary, the option is always there for those looking to rank as highly as possible and those who work with professional SEO services.

SEO Friendly
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